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Consultation Sessions

Schedule a 25 or 50 minute consultation session with Annie or Annmarie to support you in finding radiance n your life and in your work .

Consultation sessions focus on the application of awakening movements to an aspect of your personal life, a larger life question, or your work with others. Each session supports you to follow your own living guidance system through a 3-step process. Annmarie and Annie facilitate this process by holding vibrational space and guiding you in learning how to apply awakening energy in all aspects of life.  

3-Step Consultation Process


We will guide you into a position that allows awakening energy to move through you and through your life circumstances. We'll coach and guide you into a receptive state of awareness.


You will bring forward an area of focus to hold in the awakening energy. We will guide you in staying present with your experience in order to receive and access your own wisdom. 


We will guide you to notice what is rising in your experience and attune through subtle awareness by following the movement of energy that is present. We support you to develop your own sensory awareness system, discerning next steps and specific applications for your life and in your work. 

Meet with Annie

50 Minute Session: $175

25 Minute Session: $100

Meet with Annie

Meet with Annmarie

50 Minute Session: $175

25 Minute Session: $100

Meet with Annmarie

Annie Lengacher Browning, LCSW, MDiv

Annie Lengacher Browning is an intuitive practitioner and spiritual guide.

Annie experienced a spiritual awakening and began connecting to the spiritual dimension that lives around and within us. As her clair senses expanded, she began to integrate this into her life's work. She finds great energy and joy in connecting individuals with their soul and divine image.

Annie has spent most of her professional career working in non-profit and faith-based organizations. Her career includes work as a psychotherapist, focusing on integrating spiritual and psychological methodologies and as a minister in an overseer role of a conference of churches and within congregations providing care and counseling.

Annie is a graduate of the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work and the Iliff School of Theology in Denver. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an ordained minister.

Annie enjoys an active life with her family. She thrives on outdoor activities, especially early morning walks, biking and hiking and practices yoga regularly. She personally finds deep meaning in daily meditation practice and times of solitude.

Meet with Annie

Annmarie Early, Ph.D.

Annmarie is an energy practitioner and intuitive who integrates over 25 years of professional experience as a psychotherapist, trainer, speaker, and professor into her healing work. From early childhood, Annmarie heard a call from within to listen and live from the wise voice of the soul.  Her training and life experiences have woven a richly colored and deeply textured tapestry that she uses in her intuitive work.

Annmarie holds a Doctoral degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Fuller School of Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership from Fuller Seminary.  Annmarie practiced for 20 years as a psychotherapist in California and Virginia specializing in trauma and couples therapy. She is a certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy supervisor and is a former trainer in the EFT model.  Annmarie was a professor of counseling in the Master of Arts in Counseling program at Eastern Mennonite University for 15 years with specialties in attachment theory and experiential treatment modalities that utilize implicit processes and the accessing of receptive states of awareness to facilitate healing.

Annmarie is trained as an Integrative Energetic Medicine practitioner—a modality that uses subtle attunement and the human energy anatomy to increase balance and flow— and she is a Reiki practitioner. She uses these modalities in her practice as an intuitive where she provides Divine guidance and energetic support for healing— body, mind, and spirit.

Annmarie inhabits life in the Shenandoah Valley with her husband, 3 teenage sons, and their family companion, Bella. She reads, sings, walks, tends medicinal herbs in her yard, and is surrounded by alive woods that actively support and teach her. Her soul call is to partner with others to awaken into who they really are by learning to listen to the voice of their soul.

Annmarie is available for speaking engagements and trainings that focus on Awakening by increasing awareness of and using subtle energy in healing, learning to listen to and allow divine guidance, and living awake in the world.


Meet with Annmarie

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