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Learn to Live Differently in the World

Ready to permanently live a centered existence ? This course is a first, solid step for life-transforming change.

There is a permanent truth that is awaiting you once you begin to awaken—an actual place that you inhabit—the space of awakened living. This inner place allows the stories that have run your life to fall away in order for you to see through the illusions of your world and not get trapped by the constructions of your mind.

You live in freedom when you dwell in your awakened center. You move from what you think you are into what you  are truly called to be.

To live awake in everything you must live from the soul—your home, your truth. The world paints an illusion of what life is and how you are meant to live. This illusion needs to fall away in order for you to live awakened in the world.

My Awakening supports you step-by-step to live from your center to awaken. You will develop solid skills to support you in staying centered no matter the surrounding circumstances in your life and the world. And, you will develop the ability to expand your awareness to sense the subtle, mystical, and natural realms and their communication with you. 

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My Awakening Masterclass 2021 registration is now open!

My Awakening Masterclass teaches you how to live from center so that you can be awakened in all of life. The course uses energetic and intuitive methods to access the soul within which facilitates long-lasting transformation. You will:

  • Release your stories and ego constructs
  • Develop a place of inner knowing and rightness
  • Receive guidance from your soul and by connecting with the unseen (the mystical, subtle and natural worlds)
  • Hold centered presence in all that you do

Regardless of where you are at on your awakening journey, My Awakening Masterclass provides both guideposts and companioning along the path.

Awakening is ultimate freedom, but allowing and releasing into a new way of being can be disorienting. Walking alongside others eases the uncertainty and can accelerate your journey.

Masterclass Registration Fees:

Full Program with Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions- $1000 total

$200 per month for the months of January, February, March, April, May 2021

Basic Program without Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions -$400 total

$80 per month for the months of January, February, March, April, May 2021

Reserve your spot today with a $75 non-refundable commitment fee to hold your spot. This commitment fee is in addition to your total registration fee. Recurring payments begin January 2nd, 2021 and are deducted on the first of each month or one time payments are due January 2nd, 2021.

Join My Awakening Masterclass!

January -May, 2021

Masterclass Inclusions


$200/month for 5 months

3 Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions with Annie and Annmarie (25 minutes each)—one at the beginning, one at the mid-point and one at the end of the program

5 Live Manifestation Calls 

5 Pre-recorded Teaching Videos with Guided Meditations plus many additional practices

4 Practice Pop Ups per Month

4 Content and Check-in Calls

Access to Live Online Forum

REGISTER for $75

Masterclass Inclusions


$80/month for 5 months

5 Live Manifestation Calls 

5 Pre-recorded Teaching Videos with Guided Meditations plus many additional practices

4 Practice Pop Ups per Month

4 Content and Check-in Calls

Access to Live Online Forum

No Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions

REGISTER for $75

About the Masterclass

This 5-month class covers key aspects for living from your soul. The class is comprised of the following components.

Each month we will practice holding awakening space in live Manifestation Sessions to spark healing and transformation. These sessions are dynamic and intense with lengthy periods of silence for you to track your own process. Manifestation sessions are a distinct time for listening to how you are being called forward in your life and what wishes to manifest through you.

In the full program Annie and Annmarie will meet with you for Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions at the beginning, middle and end of the Masterclass. This is a time to sit with you in awakening energy and release ego story.

The Teaching and Guided Process Videos will introduce you the 5 Ps of My Awakening:

  • Receptivity– how to position yourself within to open awakening in your life
  • Release- letting go of ego constructs and patterns for awakening to move within you
  • Rightness– developing a felt sense on the inside of your inner truth and navigation
  • Receiving Guidance– expanding your spiritual senses to attune within and around you to the mystical, subtle and natural worlds for guidance
  • Reciprocity-entering into a co-creative relationship with the guiding world within you and around you to live awake in everything

Each month will include 4 Practice Pop Ups for 20-minutes each to integrate your learning and practice My Awakening concepts. 

Throughout the class we host 4 Content and Check-in Calls for the My Awakening Masterclass to connect with one another, ask questions about the Masterclass content and reflect on the experience.


The class includes:

  • Monthly 50-minute Manifestation Sessions for you track energy within, listen to your own guidance and follow how it is manifesting in your life. These sessions are held at 7:30pm ET/6:30pm CT/5:30pm MT/4:30pm PT on the following dates:
    • January 7th
    • February 4th
    • March 4th
    • April 8th
    • May 6th
  • In the Full Program you receive 3 Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions throughout the 5-month period. One session is held at the beginning of the Masterclass, one around the mid-point and one at the end of the Masterclass. These sessions are with Annie and Annmarie (25-minute sessions).
  • Pre-recorded teaching videos with guided meditations on Receptivity, Release, Rightness, Receiving (Guidance), Reciprocity plus bonus content
  • Four 20-minute live Practice Pop Up Calls per month (dates and times vary each month)
  • Four 50-minute live Content and Check-in Calls spread throughout the Masterclass at 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST/5:30pm MST/4:30pm PST. The dates for these sessions are:
    • January 4th
    • February 8th
    • April 12th
    • May 24th
  • Online forum for announcements, conversation and reminders

"My Awakening Masterclass has been so pivotal that I believe I will come to see my life in terms of “before" My Awakening and "after." The sense of peace, purpose, and strength I have gained—even in the midst of a pandemic, a personal health crisis, and professional upheaval—is profound."


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