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Create a Different World

Ready to hold a different presence in our world? This course develops your capacity to create a new reality in our world.

When we consistently live from within center, we emit awakening energy in the world. No longer do we live within the world of illusion. Our Awakening begins to awaken others through the vibration we hold.

We hold a space in Our Awakening. This collective space is less about our own awakening— we are now part of building an awakened world that will transform our collective illusions into illumination. We bring circumstances, people and places into this space for transformation. This space is for ourselves but also for the whole. 

This movement is not one of effort or of personal creation. It opens by holding Presence, Position, a Passageway, Process and Potential with others to allow this vibration to change the world. In the Masterclass, we hold dimensional space together and track energetic processes to clear deep holding patterns and unconscious ego. This is what clears up our emission in the world so we are not transmitting ego. Rather we emit a call of transformation.

We are calling the leader in you to let go of old constructs, struggles, and goals and understand the truth of what we are—not just individually, but as a collective whole. 

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Enrollment is open for Our Awakening Masterclass— beginning January 2021

This program is highly experiential and and necessitates a full commitment from participants. It requires prior sessions with Annie Browning or Annmarie Early or participation in My Awakening Masterclass.

Masterclass Registration Fees:

Full Program with Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions: $1500

$300/month for the months of January, February, March, April, May 2021

Basic Program without Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions: $900

$180/month for the months of January, February, March, April, May 2021

Reserve your spot today with a $75 non-refundable commitment fee to hold your spot. This commitment fee is in addition to your total registration fee. Recurring payments begin January 2nd, 2021 and will be deducted on the 1st of each month. One time payments are due January 2nd, 2021.

Join Our Awakening Masterclass!

January -May 2021

Program Inclusions


$300/month for 5 months

3 Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions with Annie and Annmarie (25 minutes each)—at the beginning, middle and end of the program

2 Cohort Gatherings per month

5 Live Manifestation Calls 

5 Pre-recorded Teaching Videos with Guided Meditations plus many additional practices

4 Practice Pop Ups per Month

4 Content and Check-in Calls

Access to Live Online Forum

REGISTER for $75

Program Inclusions


$180/month for 5 months

2 Cohort Gatherings per month

5 Live Manifestation Calls 

5 Pre-recorded Teaching Videos with Guided Meditations plus many additional practices

4 Practice Pop Ups per Month

4 Content and Check-in Calls

Access to Live Online Forum

No Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions

REGISTER for $75

About the Masterclass
Participants practice moving outside of themselves—literally in an energetic sense—to hold space for common awakening to accelerate in our world. You will hold space for your projects, your community, global action— whatever you are called to support. 

Each month we will practice holding dimensional space in live Manifestation Sessions to spark healing and transformation. These sessions are dynamic and intense with lengthy periods of silence allowing you to track your own process. Manifestation sessions are a distinct time for listening to how you are being called forward in your life and allowing what wishes to manifest through you.

Two Cohort Gatherings are held each month for you to bring forward something you feel called to hold in dimensional space. The calls are interactive with time and space for engagement. Annie and Annmarie will guide you through a 3-step process. First, you will bring forward a specific person, project or concept. Second, Annmarie and Annie will guide the you and the cohort through tracking energy within you, in the surround around you and in expanded dimensional space. Third, there will be space at the end of the call for reflection and intention setting. This process allows energetic awakening to move (without expectation) through what you choose to bring forward. 

The Teaching and Guided Process Videos will introduce you the 5 Ps of Our Awakening:

  • Position – finding your place in the dimensional sphere when holding an awakening vibration
  • Presence - opening to and allowing the larger vibration to expand
  • Passageway – allowing yourself to be the channel for energy to reach the intended focus subject
  • Process – learning to follow energy for cathartic healing to take place
  • Potential -tracking manifestation energy as it poises for connection in the world

Each month there will be 4, 20-minute Practice Pop Ups for you to integrate Our Awakening concepts. They are held at various dates and times. 

Throughout the class we host 4 Content and Check-in Calls for the Our Awakening Masterclass to connect with one another, ask questions about the Masterclass content and reflect on the experience.

The 5-month class includes:

  • Monthly 50-minute Cohorts to practice holding concepts in etheric space and tracking energy. Two Cohorts will be held per month and you may attend as often as you wish. The Cohorts will be held at 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST/5:30pm MST/4:30pm PST on the following dates:
    • January 14 and 28
    • February 11 and 25
    • March 11 and 25
    • April 15 and 29
    • May 13 and 27
  • Monthly 50-minute Manifestation Sessions for you track energy in the surround, listen to your own guidance and follow how it is manifesting in the world. These sessions are held 7:30pm ET/6:30pm CT/5:30pm MT/4:30pm PT on the following dates:
    • January 7th
    • February 4th
    • March 4th
    • April 8th
    • May 6th
  • In the full program you receive 3 Individual Awakening Coaching Sessions throughout the 5-month period. One session is held at the beginning of the Masterclass, one around the mid-point and one at the end of the Masterclass. These sessions are with Annie and Annmarie (25-minute sessions). 
  • Pre-recorded teaching videos with guided meditations on Position, Presence, Passageway, Process, Potential with bonus pre-recorded practice options included.
  • Four 20-minute live Practice Pop Up Calls per month (dates and times vary each month)
  • Four 50-minute live Content and Check-in Calls held at the beginning, mid-point and end of the Masterclass at 6:30pm EST/5:30pm CST/4:30pm MST/3:30pm PST. The dates for these sessions are:
    • January 4th
    • February 8th
    • April 12th
    • May 24th
  • Online forum for announcements, conversation and reminders

"Through Our Awakening Masterclass, I have experienced profound personal clearing, healing of past patterns, and a feeling of deeper connection with the world. I feel a settled rightness with how I now hold myself in the world, as well as a deep awareness of how large of an impact this position can have on those in my life. Our Awakening Masterclass is not only a gift to the participants involved, but also for the larger world around."


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