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We all need support on our spiritual journey.

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A Common Awakening offers a variety of resources to support you. Access online material including topical courses, meditations, podcasts, and practices that will allow you to learn and grow at your own pace.

Introductory Courses and Podcasts

Energetic Awakening Practices: A Preview of My Awakening

This 5-session video series includes 5, 20-minute teachings and guided process on the fundamentals of My Awakening and key awakening practices. The videos include brief instruction and practice around Receptivity, Release, Rightness, Receiving (Guidance) and Reciprocity.

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What is Awakening: A Podcast Series

Annie and Annmarie discuss the purpose of awakening— to live awake in everything. These 15 minute podcasts share personal stories, key practices and fundamental concepts to support you on your awakening journey. 

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Common Awakening Signature Courses

Join us for our core programs to live differently in your life and in our world.

My Awakening

My Awakening is Common Awakening's signature course that can be taken live or on your own. Join and change your life from the inside out. In this class, growth and transformation is impactful and permanent.

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Our Awakening

Our Awakening is Common Awakening's course that follows My Awakening. This class focuses on holding an awakening energy in the world. Join this class and hold an alive presence in your life and your world. In this class, your awakening energy grows and expands. 

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The Awakening

Join our ongoing consultation community when you complete Our Awakening. Further your awakening by applying awakening to your work and life. 

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Archived Classes for Purchase

Putting Life Back Together Archived Series

Access the recordings of our live 3-session series on living forward with awakened intention and renewed awareness.

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Living through Fear Archived Series

Access the recordings of our live 3-session series on living through fear into centeredness and presence.

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Changing the World Comes from Within Archived Series

Access the recordings of our live 3-session series about allowing true change and collective transformation that begins within.

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Your Energy is Speaking to You!

This 60 minute webinar walks you through key energy theories and applications to understanding and interpreting your energy body's messages for you.

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Live Lightly In Heavy Times

This 30 minute webinar provides 5 key practices to sustain you during heavy times and provide a lighter, more expanded perspective.

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Archived Leading through Awakened Action

Access 2 live sessions, 3 teaching videos and 4 practice meditations about how to lead through conscious action in your life. 

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Free Downloads

Download the following documents to support your awakening journey.

Grounding Practices During Expansion


How To: Clearing and Cleansing


Receiving Mystical Guidance


Grounding Process during Spiritual Expansions


If you have questions about resources or support from A Common Awakening™ please email [email protected].


We are not a spiritual crisis center and we do not offer medical or psychological services. If you are struggling with your awakening from a medical or psychological perspective, please access professionals in these fields.  

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