A 6 Module Training that Teaches an Empowering Position and Transforming Process to Use in Your Healing Work with Others



SPACES™ trains you to follow natural healing processes in your applied work with others.

SPACES™ offers you a step-by-step process for activating receptive states of awareness to allow present moment experiencing within the body and in the subtle space around. This state of awareness facilitates natural healing and transformative change with ease.

The SPACES™ Model

  • Softened State

  • Perceive in Present

  • Attune Within and Around

  • Center Inside

  • Experience Emerging Energy

  • Stay Within Suspension

You will innately apply these movements that serve as a meta-model for following natural healing processes. You will learn to position in a new way as you develop your capacity to activate and track through subtle awareness.

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Training Components


Learning to position fully in the present moment and in suspended states of awareness. Supporting an adjustment into a new set point to anchor in shifts in state.


Identifying story as a movement to follow and learning to expand and allow clearing and re-positioning. Tracking the experience through immersed awareness.


Developing the capacity to attune to implicit, intuitive markers in the seen and unseen landscapes in your body, with your clients, and in the larger space around you.

Is this training for me?

 This training is for:

  • Practitioners seeking to more fluidly and effectively work with their clients.
  • People interested in activating transformation body, mind, and spirit.
  • Those who long to use their intuition and subtle senses in practice.
  • People that want their applied practice to align with their spiritual  vision.
  • Those who are ready to work with ease, getting out of the way and letting healing naturally move.
  • Psychotherapists, spiritual directors, coaches, helping professionals.
  • Parents, partners, and community leaders that want to hold a transformational presence in their life and in the world

Who this training is not for:

  • Practitioners looking for another model to follow without a desire to transform themselves.
  • People looking to simply make money and not make a difference in the world.
  • Practitioners that only work from the mind and are unwilling to develop their subtle senses and intuition.
  • People that do not want radical life change and to live differently in their life and in the world.

Join us and access the potential that awaits you. Learn to position within your true power as you activate SPACES™ in your life and work!

Applying the SPACES™ Model

Frequently Asked Questions

SPACES™can be integrated with your practice no matter the model or interventions you utilize. Because it is a natural process that guides you, once you learn the rhythm it will easily weave with your particular focus or method. It is not about what you know, but where you are positioned that matters. Your position becomes your power and this will allow you to attune and open through subtle awareness.

Yes! We teach you how to begin following subtle processes during the training. We provide step by step support for building your intuitive/subtle sense awareness for use in your work with others and for applying in your own life.

 We get it! It can feel pretty far out to talk about knowing from your subtle senses or using your intuition as a guide. There is strong neuroscience support for the power of our implicit knowing and right hemisphere processing.  You might want to watch The Divided Brain to understand the difference between right and left hemisphere processing and better understand what we are activating in our training. We take it beyond into a larger sense awareness, but this is a good, first step We simply teach you how to access your knowing beyond the mind and we support you in applying these learnings in whatever way feels best to you.

The professional fatigue in our world today is staggering. Practitioners are exhausted by the load they are carrying with all of the struggles and pain experienced by their clients. SPACES offers a way to relieve the burden and fatigue that so many of us are carrying. Yes, you will have to participate to learn the key movements, but our intention is that you will leave freed from the burden to "make change happen" for those that you work with. You will begin to the journey of release where you let go of effort and enter into the freeing space of following natural healing pathways. You will learn what it means to provide a sustained presence that allows the energy to do its work without a need to effort anymore. 

 You are learning a natural healing processes that you can adopt to your specific context in your unique way. Many of the principles can be found within various wisdom traditions, spiritual teachings, and specific faith perspectives. It is our intention that all faiths and those that don't adhere to a spiritual framework can find a place of rightness in the SPACES training. You are learning how to live from within suspension and allow this "state to communicate" in your life and applied work with others. 


What if I am not a practitioner or do not have a work context?

Anyone is welcome to join SPACES. We talk directly to practitioners desiring to apply this position and process in their work, and these movements are natural and can be applied personally, in your home context, and as you engage in the world. SPACES teaches you a way of "being" that naturally changes you and positively influences those around you.


You will have all of the building blocks for the essential aspects of positioning, process, and ways to work with others. SPACES is more than model, however, it is a way of being and inhabiting life, what we call—Living in Suspension—and it takes time and daily practice to stay with and apply your SPACES learning. We offer follow-up consultation and other supportive programs if you want to develop consistency in applying these learnings in your life and work.

This program is not only for your clients—it is also for you.

SPACES™ will support sustainability in your life and help you to enhance this in your practice, freeing you from the burden of efforting for change. You will learn to become a participant with the natural healing movements that are already present and to allow them to move you and your clients into a place to thrive.

"The SPACES program was a transformative experience. Despite a decade of training and practice as a psychotherapist, and a lot of truly great therapeutic work, I felt something was missing. I had searched endlessly, through books, workshops, and extensive training programs, for this missing piece that I knew in my heart must exist. Sitting in the SPACES program it all came together like the missing piece of a beautiful puzzle. Annmarie and Annie are truly gifted. I highly recommend SPACES and Common Awakening to anyone seeking something deeper, more meaningful; whether a healing professional, or someone just seeking that missing piece. "


"The SPACES™ and the Common Awakening processes have taught me a way to come home—to myself, to others, to the essence of what is—in a simple yet profound way. Annie and Annmarie are incredible guides. Down-to-earth, intuitive, and exquisitely attuned, they are an amazing team who create a powerful space for learning to tune into the realm beyond the mind in a way that is life-changing. I am so grateful to have found them and the gift of their amazing teaching."


"The SPACES training was professionally valuable and simultaneously deeply personal. No doubt it will help my client sessions go deeper and be more transformative. I am thrilled to find a new “space” from which to engage with the world."


Upcoming SPACES™ Trainings

Join us for one of our upcoming trainings -either virtually or in person!

SPACES™ 6-Week Training

This SPACES™ training combines pre-recorded training material and live interactive practice sessions held via Zoom. The live Zoom sessions are:

6 Fridays at 1pm EST/12pm CST/10am MST/9am PST for 90 minutes

The 6 Fridays are January 21st, 28th, February 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th, 2022




SPACES™ Weekend Intensive

This SPACES™ training combines pre-recorded training material and live interactive practice sessions held via Zoom. The live Zoom intensive sessions are: 

Friday, April 29, 2022 from 5pm-8pm EST/4pm-7pm CST/3pm-6pm MST/2pm-5pm PST

Saturday April 30, 2022 from 10am-5pm EST/11am-4pm CST/8am-3pm MST/7am-2pm PST 

SPACES™ Plus Retreat in Ireland

This personally focused retreat in Ireland will follow the SPACES model for application and use in your own life including personal clearing and expansion. 

Dates and Location:

Harvey's Point Hotel

Donegal, Ireland 

September 25-29, 2022

Registration will open in the Spring of 2022

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