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  from Your Radiant Home

Annie and Annmarie teach you a Position and a Process to radiate light and cultivate a transforming presence in your life and in your work with others.

  • Have you felt a desire for your work to make a larger contribution in the world?

  • Are you looking for a way to ease the burden of being a helping professional and make your work sustainable and enlivening?

  • Are you fatigued by learning new methodologies and applying all of the steps involved?

  • Are you ready to embody a transformative presence in all that you do?

We know what it's like to live in the everyday and feel the disconnection between who we are and what we do. There is a different way for you to increase the efficacy of your work and activate transformational potentials for sustained healing. Our programs teach you how to live fully from your home base of center and use this positioning for transformation in your life and in your work with others.

3 Ways to Get Started

Our Vision at Common Awakening

We live into radiance and carry this visible light into our work in the world through Energetic Positioning and Process.


Join our 21 Day Meditation Series! Take Your Home with You into the World.

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Transform Your Life and Your Work

You are yearning for a different way to offer transformation in the world. Whether you work as a helping professional or you want to influence your family or community, you will learn to become a living transformative presence. You will live from a different place within that influences you and those that you work with.

You will learn 3 key movements for transformation. 

Come Home

Position within to:

  • Locate and live from a steady Centered place within.
  • Learn to inhabit Silence and begin to track Energy from this space.
  • Live in Alignment enhancing flow and ease.

Stay Home

Follow a Process that will:  

  • Open your Receptivity to stay soft and expand your intuitive and subtle sense skills, including receiving your own wisdom and guidance.
  • Live into a state of Release and letting go. You will increase organicity and natural healing in your life and your work. 
  • Develop a Reciprocal relationship with those you support and an understanding of true interconnection with the larger world

Take Your Home into the World

Influence the world as you:

  • Live from a Permanent State of Awareness. Your living radiance holds an unfolding presence that communicates transformation in all that you do. 
  • Live from your truth—Your Light—and to allow this transmission to activate transformation in your life and your work. 
  • Join an Authentic Community at Common Awakening who have transformed their lives and empowered their work with others by committing small amounts of time each day to learn this position and process.

Living Radiance is Transformative

Your perspective on life shifts. You feel greater calm and peace. Old stories that have held a grip naturally fall away and make space for more light to shine. Your relationship to others alters. Your heart manifests from this space and you become a beacon of transformative light in your applied work with others.

Take the First Step

Join our programs and learn our key position and simple process.  

  • Our Free, 21 Day Return to Your Radiant Home Meditation Series activates your inner light and introduces you to the overarching themes of Come Home, Stay Home and Take Your Home into the World at Common Awakening.
  • Our 4-session module, Come Home to Your Radiance, is an online course that walks you through the 4 key positions to radiate light in your life and begin to use these positions in your work with others.
  • Our SPACES Training Program guides helping professionals looking to use our Position and Process in their work with others.

We also to invite you to read our book Energetic Awakening: Living a Guided Life to learn to find your place on the awakening journey of coming home into radiance.

Return to Your Radiant Home Within: A Free, 21-Day Meditation Series to Locate Your Light and Keep it Alive

You are radiant. Your light is ready to shine and become visible to the world. It's your enduring presence that holds power for transformation. 

Our 21 Day Meditation Sequence supports you to come home and access your inner light by expanding your presence. Each morning a vibrational teaching meditation is delivered to your inbox reminding you to enter your light to allow that truth to fill you, orient you, and go with you out into your day. 


Come Home to Your Radiance: A 4-Session Online Module to Expand Your Presence with Ease

Ready to go deeper in holding a visible radiance, a presence, in your life and your work? 

We teach you a Position that is permanent.  This Position creates a radiance that is known and felt by those around you. It transforms you and transforms others. 

Each module teaches you one of the 4 Key Positions to hold a radiance in your life. Sessions include a teaching, practice, and reset meditation plus bonus teachings to help grow your tolerance for the essential healing agent of silence!


Participate with us by reading 

Energetic Awakening: Living a Guided Life

Mystical writings have been transformative for us and we are delighted to share our illumination of the journey home to radiance. Too often spiritual teachings provide changes for the mind, but don't instill the transformational change that shifts how we live in the day to day. We were inspired to write this book with vibrational intention, honoring our Christian mystical heritage, and using simple language and practices that will guide you through the journey to return home to your truth. 

The book is available on Amazon in e-book and print. Order your own copy today!



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Meet Annie and Annmarie

Co-Founders of Common Awakening

About Annmarie 

Finding life's larger purpose has resounded within me from an early age. I felt a call to the healing path and used education and personal healing as a pathway to search for deeper answers to my soulful questions.  I'm incredibly curious—part of what led me to advanced training as a psychotherapist as well as training in non traditional models of energy work, Reiki, intuitive/subtle awareness, and studies to become an herbalist. All of these experiences shaped me as I served as a  clinician, professor, speaker, and educator as well as continuing my own healing and soul expansion. My heart call is to help people remember the truth of what they are and to live into their soul purpose for why they are here. I enjoy the alive sparkle of my surroundings as I live amongst the trees with my family, our dog Bella, and in alive relationship with the medicinal plants that tend me.

About Annie 

I have always walked in between worlds and live an an alive landscape of interconnection. Even from a young age, my world was a magical one that spoke to me with subtle knowing and soulful communication. I dwell in silence and learned how to meditate when I was 15 years old, which opened a pathway into a life as a contemplative, mystic and intuitive. I have offered these gifts as a psychotherapist, spiritual director, teacher and speaker. My passion is to companion others in living a soulful life in everything so that the world comes alive in the everyday. I live in the mountains with my family and enjoy playing in and connecting with the richness of this landscape as my teacher and guide. 

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