State Change is the Solution

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When you live from a Spiritual State of Fullness you feel better, see clearer, and are wiser.


Ready to Come Home to your Power—Your Spiritual State of Fullness?

Live from you Spiritual State of Fullness. Use your Intuitive 2nd Senses to sustain your State. This is your Solution.

  • Are you yearning for something more in your spiritual life?
  • Can you feel that you have abilities but you aren’t sure what they are and how to use them?
  • Do you want to learn how to stay steady when the world is rocked, when you are rocked by the world?
  • Would you like to see beyond into a wiser way of knowing and access mystery in direct ways?
  • Are you ready to enliven tired practices and renew flat spiritual routines?

Live From Your Spiritual State of Fullness.

Change your State by using Our 3 Step Process.

What is Your State and Why is it the Solution?

Your State is about where you are positioned. It is a placement inside of you that influences you everyday whether you recognize it or not. What feels stuck, confused, anxious, overwhelmed shifts when you move into your Spiritual State of Fullness. From a State of Fullness you feel better and have greater clarity about life's challenges because your perspective shifts. Your are home in your truth and that changes how you see and experience the world.

Your intuitive 2nd senses help guide you in direct ways to make decisions and energetically clear out what is old and stuck to bring forward what is fresh and new. This is the solution to living in freedom no matter your outer circumstances.This is learning to sustain your Spiritual State of Fullness in everything!

Ready to Get Started?

Start Today! Find the Freedom of Your Fullness.

Follow these 3 steps...

Step 1: Identify Your Primary Spiritual State

Do you long to live from a better place and make the world better? Do you want to find out what your particular Spiritual State of Fullness is?

Take our 12-question Spiritual State Quiz. You will identify your primary Spiritual State of Fullness and receive practical ways to sustain this State. The interpretive report will give you key tips to find, develop, and stay in this Spiritual State, as well as the central benefits that your State will give you...and our world!  This is your first step. Your State is the solution.

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Step 2: Develop Your Spiritual 2nd Senses

Do you want to stay in your Spiritual State throughout your everyday life? Are you ready for your spiritual 2nd senses to support you?

 When you identify and develop your Spiritual 2nd sense skills (what you see, know, hear and feel intuitively) you have the essential tools to stay in your Spiritual State for good, especially when life is challenging. Take our 2nd sense quiz to identify your primary intuitive skill. Read our ebook for 15 ways to develop your skills. Join our 2nd sense skill seminar to practice your intuitive skills in an interactive format. Your 2nd sense skills are the doorway to stay in your primary Spiritual State. This is your second step. Your 2nd sense skills give you what you need.

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Step 3: Join our SPACES™️ Training

Are you ready use your Spiritual 2nd sense skills to clear what gets in the way of living from your Spiritual State of Fullness?

 You will learn the SPACES™ 6- step process for natural healing to energetically clear what keeps you from your spiritual state of Fullness. SPACES™️ will support you to release your stuckness and access your sustained state so it becomes easy and effortless to carry your state with you wherever you go. This is your third step. The SPACES™️ Process gives you the way to stay awake in your Spiritual State.

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Resources at Common Awakening

Find your Spiritual State of Fullness and learn to use your 2nd Senses through a variety of resources and archived courses at Common Awakening

Archived Courses & Resources

We have offered so many courses over so many years! These courses span topics from moving beyond stuckness, find freedom from fear, accessing a centered place within you, developing your intuition, and so much more! These courses are a way to go deeper and find clarity around the hard questions and challenging circumstances in your life and our world.

See Our Courses

Weekly Reflections

Each week Annie & Annmarie offer a written and video reflection that gives you practical steps to find your Spiritual State of Fullness and live from a steady, solid state using your 2nd Senses. Read & watch previous entries and get to know more about what we do!

Read our Weekly Reflections

The Energetic Awakening Book

We wrote a book! Read Energetic Awakening: Living a Guided Life to map your experience on the awakening journey using your intuition. This book is a practical guide to help you understand and apply awakening to your everyday life so that you live from a new state in all of life. 

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We Believe In...

At Common Awakening


We believe that everyone has the capacity to access intuitive knowing and to use intuitive wisdom for good in the world. How we see, know, sense, orient, and live is changed when energetic intuitive knowing is accessed and from this new perspective we become influencers for good in the world.


We believe that our practices—personal and professional—are meant to be integrative and embody transformational potentials that influence us and make a contribution in the world. We strive to live and work from this placement in order to access natural healing energies and help others access this power to reach as many people as possible to bring lasting change.


We believe that radical change is ready to manifest in our world and that each one of us is called to join with this movement and live our higher purpose for being here at this time in history. When we learn to live from center and follow healing energies, we are empowered to offer our radiant light to the world.


We believe that positioning within our true home—our State of Fullness—is where our true power lies. We become agents of change in the world when we access this power and our perspectives shift with this broader vision that being within our home allows. It is from this aligned placement that our intuition opens and we connect with larger healing energies moving in the world.

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