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Hi! We are Annie & Annmarie.  We're intuitive practitioners, licensed psychotherapists and mystical spiritual guides. We are passionate about supporting you to live into your home state of Fullness in all of life.

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I (Annie) had a compelling awakening experience where I began to see what is unseen in the form of light beings and to know with a sharp clarity beyond what my mind could know through my Intuitive 2nd Senses. My world opened very quickly and uncomfortably, but I said yes to allowing this awareness to pervade my life. I (Annmarie) have always used a deep, knowing wisdom as guidance, but I didn’t feel empowered to apply this form of clear 2nd Sense knowing in my work. Life pushed me beyond my comfort zone and into energy work where I began to directly use my Intuitive 2nd Senses. My Energetic Intuition opened me and my work to allow greater healing potentials beyond the mind.

Our paths crossed synchronously in 2017. We met anonymously and received an immediate hit that we were meant to work together. We experienced a lightbulb moment about how to help others live from a State of Fullness using their 2nd Senses where change is quicker, lighter, and sustained over time. We realized that we were seeing more and more people and all of them were yearning for an authentic spirituality that offered lasting, on the ground change without losing the magic of their mystical experiences. They wanted a new way of living and working with others that transformed stuck stories and persistent patterns to find lasting freedom. They asked us what we were doing and if they could do it too. We answered, "You can." And you can too!

Our process

Here's how we guide you into a Spiritual State of Fullness— the answer for how to live fulfilled and free.  

Common Awakening teaches you how to access a vibrant spirituality that makes a difference in your day to day life.

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Step 1: Find Your Fullness

Identify Your Primary State of Fullness

Our Spiritual State Quiz will help you identify your primary state of Fullness, the spiritual state type that you access the most everyday. Our free quiz and custom report will give you key tips to find your primary spiritual energy and ways to use it everyday. The benefit is that no longer will your spiritual life be off to the side. You'll also get an introduction to our Spiritual State Model that we use throughout our programs.

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Step 2: 2nd Sense Skill Set

Develop Your Intuitive 2nd Senses to Get to Fullness

Our 2nd Sense Skills Starter Package will support you to open your intuition.

"I have more of a direct connection to Spirit/God/higher consciousness where I can get answers to my deeper questions for myself" - Cindy Jennings

Take our quiz and identify your primary 2nd sense skill. Watch our foundational webinar to learn our custom process to activate your intuition. Read our e-book and learn 15 key methods to apply your intuition. Your intuition is the pathway to your state of Fullness.

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Step 3: SPACES™ Training

Clear Out What Gets in the Way of Staying in Fullness

Our SPACES Training is our signature training that teaches you how to energetically clear persistent stuckness, old stories and recurring resistances in 6 steps.

"The SPACES process has taught me a way to come home—to myself, to others, to the essence of what is—in a simple yet profound way." -Jill

"The training involves becoming centered, aware and open, and connecting with a wise, knowing place inside.  It goes beyond anything I have learned previously through my training as a psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher." -D.H. 

Your state of Fullness opens naturally when you energetically clear what holds you back. We walk you through our clearing process step-by-step so that you are clearer, lighter, & freer. 


Step 4: Coaching Program

Live your soulful Spiritual State of Fullness. Carry a radiant presence into your life.

Your Spiritual State Coaching Program is our 10-month consulting journey that solidifies your Spiritual State of Fullness—the key for how to live a truly 'good life' that is fulfilled, spiritually connected, and alive. We use our Spiritual State Model that we developed just for you to help you learn where you are out-of-balance in your life and to increase your access to all aspects of your Fullness.

"I now have a map to follow. I feel hopeful and more free to grow beyond my former limitations."- Pamela

"I have a road map and practices for stepping into my future with confidence, clarity and authority."Sandra

When you go beyond yourself, you find the good life. You are peopled, present, perceptive and purposeful— no matter what life brings your way.

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Step 5: Keep Connection Alive

Join events at Common Awakening to create a collective State of Fullness

Our Community Events are a great way to keep your State of Fullness alive! Join a retreat, listen in to a live chat, sign up for a 3-part series. Regular and consistent engagement with an authentic community of committed seekers keeps the energy of your Fullness going....for good!

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Why is Your Spiritual State the Solution?

We don't realize how important position is—where we are located in relationship to our true self. That may sound like a strange phrase, but our position either connects us to our power or pulls the plug from our power source leaving us depleted, feeling off, and limited by the stories and stuckness of our life. We are spiritually disconnected.

There is another way.

Your State is about where you are positioned. We we teach you step-by step how to get into a balanced spiritual position and stay there. What feels stuck, confused, anxious, overwhelmed shifts when you move into your Spiritual State of Fullness. From a State of Fullness you feel better and have greater clarity about life's challenges because your perspective shifts. Your are home in your truth and that changes how you see and experience the world.

Your Intuitive 2nd Senses are the tools that you need to get into a State of Fullness and we teach you how to access your 2nd senses and use them every day to see more, hear more, know more, and sense more.

This is the solution to living in freedom no matter your outer circumstances. This is learning to sustain your Spiritual State of Fullness in everything!

Common Awakening is a spiritual community of healers, helpers, and committed seekers focused on soulful growth. We teach you step-by-step how to access the good life— to live beyond your limitations into a soulful Spiritual State of Fullness— where you are purposeful, perceptive, peopled, and present.

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Not Ready to Join Us? Read our Book!

We wrote Energetic Awakening: Living a Guided Life, as a manual for you. It outlines the pathway of innate longing to return home to the soul of what you are called to be. The book is an accessible, easy-to-read, direct support for you to understand what it means to awaken, what you can expect on the awakening journey, what to do when life is tough, and how to stay on the path. 

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Curious about your primary Spiritual State that you can use everyday?

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Curious about your primary Spiritual State?

Sign up to take our free 10-question quiz to identify your primary spiritual state and receive an interpretive report plus key ways to activate this state in your every day life. 

Sign up and you'll receive an email each Sunday from us with reflections, meditations, inspirations and much more.

We don't spam you. We don't sell your information. We abide by our privacy policy.