Discover How Your Spiritual State Can Help You Grow

Annie and Annmarie will teach you how to use the Spiritual States Map to accelerate balanced Soul growth without bypass.


The Spiritual States Map is Your Spiritual Growth Solution 

Identify your Primary Spiritual State

Your Primary Spiritual State is your doorway into sustained Soul Growth. Begin by learning your Primary Spiritual State Type and discover its benefits. You will get to know your Soul.

Connect with Your Primary Spiritual State 

You will accelerate your soul growth by connecting with your primary spirituality through your Spiritual State Map. You will amplify your primary Spiritual State through key awareness practices.

Receive Spiritual Guidance Using Your Spiritual State

Access Spiritual information in your primary Spiritual State, identify stuck places in your spiritual journey that hold you back, and learn how to spiritually grow using all 4 Spiritual States.


We are Annie Browning, MDiv and Annmarie Early, Ph.D.

We are Annie and Annmarie and we’ve spent years developing a step-by-step process to accelerate your Soul Growth. Our courses and retreats provide the key steps for growing spiritually to receive spiritual guidance that makes a difference in your day-to-day life.

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We are trained psychotherapists and Seminary graduates and we come from the Christian mystic tradition. Our process is for anyone who feels called to an alive spirituality that makes a difference in ordinary life and creates positive change in the world. Our community is filled with committed mystical helpers, healers, and seekers of all kinds. We are a community ready to support you to spiritually grow!

Annie Browning, MDiv

Annmarie Early, Ph.D.

"...the Common Awakening processes have taught me a way to come home—to myself, to others, to the essence of what is—in a simple yet profound way"- Jill

"I have more of a direct connection to Spirit/God/higher consciousness where I can get answers to my deeper questions for myself" - Cindy Jennings

Common Awakening is about becoming centered, aware and open, and connecting with a wise, knowing place inside.  -D.H. 


What is your Primary Spiritual State Type?

Take our free quiz and discover your Primary Spiritual State. Receive 1 key tip to access your primary spirituality in your results.

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Create Your Own Soul Growth Moments

Learn how you can spiritually grow by following these tips and reflections.

September 17 - The Sign at Just the Right Time 🐕

Sep 17, 2023

September 10 - From Grief to Growth 🌱

Sep 10, 2023

September 3 - Receive Spiritual Guidance Beyond Yourself🌟

Sep 03, 2023


Start Your Soul Growth by Learning More About Your Spiritual State

Take your first steps with a Common Awakening class, training, program, retreat, or event.

FREE Sacred Circles

Join our Free online gatherings held via webinar to learn key tips for opening your intuitive spiritual awareness and receiving guidance.

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Guidance Groups

Join a Spiritual Guidance GroupYou will meet with Annie & Annmarie in a confidential, small group focused on receiving spiritual guidance using your Primary Spiritual State. 

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Live Programs

Our 10-month Spiritual Coaching program teaches you our Spiritual States Model that becomes your pathway to live into sustained Soul Growth without bypass.

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Spiritual Retreats

Participate in a weekend or week-long destination Spiritual Growth Retreat. We hold an intentional vibration for accelerated Soul growth in our retreats. Gather in an authentic community to boost your own mystical gifts and supercharge your spiritual growth.

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The Common Awakening Catalog of Courses includes over 40 modules with hundreds of hours of video and audio content that you can complete at your own pace. This is your low-cost step to start to open to your spiritual abilities and support your Soul Growth.

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What is Your Primary Spiritual State?

Take our free quiz and discover your Primary Spiritual State. Learn 1 key way to access your spiritual gifts in your quiz report.

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