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Ready to Move from Fear to Fullness?

Annie and Annmarie teach you how to sustain a State of Fullness to transform your Fundamental Fears and find lasting Freedom

From Fear to Fullness to Freedom

You have the power to clear out your old stories and live anew from your Fullness

  • Are there places in your life where you get stuck over and over?
  • Do you have repeating stories and patterns that even with therapy and other outside supports and practices don’t go away?
  • Is your heart longing to live from something larger—your Fullness—and you don’t know how to get there?
  • Have you had moments of awareness that open a larger perspective about your life and the world but go away over time?
  • Do you feel dependent on others to help you heal and want empowerment to access transformation from within you?

Your Fullness Awaits You

We teach you how to activate and sustain a State of Fullness and how to use your natural Energetic Intuition to clear your Fundamental Fears and find freedom by living from Fullness.

Come Home to Your Fullness. Allow Your Story to Transform.

Your Fullness is the key change agent that naturally clears out old patterns transforming how you feel, what you see, and expanding what you know.

Learning to sustain a State of Fullness takes time and we teach you how to access Fullness and maintain a State of Fullness especially when life gets difficult and when fear rises.

We offer a variety of courses, meditations, and vibrational supports to help you maintain your State of Fullness especially through life challenges. 

When you are able to maintain your State of Fullness you harness the power to clear your Fundamental Fears. Your stuck stories naturally fall away to allow more of your truth to rise. 


Stay Home in Your Fullness. Access Your Energetic Intuition.

We teach you how to develop and use your Energetic Intuition from within a State of Fullness.

You will develop your subtle senses learning to connect with the subtle, natural, and mystical realms.

By learning how to follow energetic movement from Fullness you are empowered to partner in your own clearing and healing.

You will use your Energetic Intuition in your own life and you can begin using it in your applied work with others. Your State of Fullness communicates. Become empowered to use this State to Communicate from the truth of what you really are.

Carry Your Fullness into the World. Radiate Your Energetic Presence.

You already know the State of Fullness. You've connected to your fullness in moments of inspiration and awe like an beautiful sunset or profound encounter.

We lose the power of these moments that access our Fullness because we don't know how to access the State of Fullness from the inside out.

We teach you to sustain the State of Fullness in everything—most importantly when facing fear and stuckness.

You will learn to embody a State of Fullness at all times. You become empowered to activate your own healing process. You are empowered to offer a State of Fullness to others that allows their stuckness to clear. You are an agent of light allowing your energetic presence to radiate Fullness in the world. 

Find Your Fullness through our 5 Step Process

We support you to Come Home to your Fullness, Stay Home in your Fullness, and Take your Home—Your Fullness—out into the world.

Join us and return home to your Fullness. Learn to follow a process that transforms stuck stories to make space for the truth of what you really are to rise. When we live from Fullness, we are transformed and we become agents of transformation in the lives of those we touch and work with.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1

Energetic Intuition Quiz

Have you wondered what kind of energy you emit? Curious how to describe your energy intuitively?

You access your Fullness through your intuitive senses and the Energetic Intuition Quiz will help you to name and better understand your energetic type so that you can take your first steps into accessing your intuition. Your intuition is the pathway to living into a change state of Fullness.

Take the Free Quiz Now

Step 2

Free Energetic Intuition Webinar: 5 Tips to Reclaim Your Power Through Your Energetic Intuition

Have you ever felt a specific energy take over your work or in a conversation and wondered what happened? Something unexpected, even magical occurred and you wondered how to recreate that moment?

Once you have identified your type from our quiz, our 45 minute Energetic Intuition Webinar will help you to take your first steps to reclaim your intuition and learn 5 key ways to harness your intuition and use it in your life. Take the step toward your Fullness through developing the power of your energetic intuition.

Open Your Energetic Intuition

Step 3

Energetic Position: A 4-session Online Module to Come Home to Your Fullness and Expand your Presence with Ease

Have you ever felt discouraged when your stable, centered stance got rocked by your outer circumstances and left you blowing in the wind?

Our short course gives you our core teachings at Common Awakening and offers practical ways to start living in center and to stay there even when life rocks and rolls to inhabit your Fullness more consistently.

We teach you how to come home to your center, stay home in your center when life gets challenging, and to take your home with you out into the world through an expanded awareness that connects you to the unseen spaces around you.

Find Your Steady Center

Step 4

Energetic Presence: A 5 week, 5 Step Process for Staying in Center and Opening to the Power of Your Intuitive Guidance

Improve your relationships. Clarify your life purpose. Follow your own guidance. Open your intuitive senses. Quiet your ego story.

Energetic Presence uses 5 key movements to teach you how to access and live from your Fullness and to access wisdom from your Subtle Sense System.

The movements (Receptivity, Release, Rightness, Receiving Guidance, and Sacred Reciprocity) build on one another to support, stabilize, and expand your sense awareness.

You can do this course at your own pace and in your own way. Our daily offerings help you spend time each day applying these movements to solidify your growth so that after 5 weeks you are in a new position in relationship to your life and circumstances. You can use your expanded sense awareness to guide you and allow you to live from Fullness no matter the outer circumstances.

Change Your Perspective

Step 5

Join our SPACES™ Training

Are you ready to join with natural healing energies and access your inner intuitive guidance to live from your Fullness?

Our SPACES™ training teaches you to track natural healing processes that clear out stuck stories to  live into your fullness in your life and applied work with others.

You can apply the SPACES™ 6- step process to your own story, in your applied work with others as a helper or healer, and you can use SPACES™ on behalf of another. We welcome professionals including therapists, coaches, spiritual directors and others wanting to apply the model and we use our professional clinical training to tailor your learning and support you in ongoing application.  

SPACES™  will support you to release your story and follow the natural healing movements in your life and your work to live from and use your Fullness in healing.

Live From Fullness in Your Life and Work

We Believe In...

At Common Awakening


We believe that everyone has the capacity to access intuitive knowing and to use intuitive wisdom for good in the world. How we see, know, sense, orient, and live is changed when energetic intuitive knowing is accessed and from this new perspective we become influencers for good in the world.


We believe that our practices—personal and professional—are meant to be integrative and embody transformational potentials that influence us and make a contribution in the world. We strive to live and work from this placement in order to access natural healing energies and help others access this power to reach as many people as possible to bring lasting change.


We believe that radical change is ready to manifest in our world and that each one of us is called to join with this movement and live our higher purpose for being here at this time in history. When we learn to live from center and follow healing energies, we are empowered to offer our radiant light to the world.


We believe that positioning within our true home—our center—is where our true power lies. We become agents of change in the world when we access this power and our perspectives shift with this broader vision that being within our home allows. It is from this aligned placement that our intuition opens and we connect with larger healing energies moving in the world.

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