Teaching You Embodied Transcendence™️  

Annie and Annmarie teach you how to access expanded awareness in the everyday to make a difference in your life and work.

Embodied Transcendence™️

Identify and Connect to your Primary Spiritual State

Your Primary Spiritual State is your doorway into sustained psycho-spiritual growth that is sustained. Begin by learning your Primary Spiritual State Type and discover its benefits for helping you grow. Take the Spiritual States Quiz and learn your Primary Spiritual State Type.

Learn the Spiritual State Map to Help You Grow

You will learn how to position yourself in a new way to change old patterns, get past stuckness, and manifest what you most want. The Spiritual States Map is your hands-on tool for creating life shifts without bypass. Join the Spiritual States Coaching Program and create real life changes that stick. It works!

Expand Your Awareness- Access Greater Wisdom

You will use our Expanded Statework Processes to open up channels of wisdom, guidance, and messages beyond the ego mind. Learn how to use these expansion pathways to access a wiser source. Join an In-Person Retreat or Expanded Statework Training to access a wiser source that awaits you.


We are Annie Browning, MDiv, LCSW and Annmarie Early, Ph.D., LMFT

 At the intersection of psychology and spirituality, there is an edge—one that connects us to a wiser source where we can transcend our circumstances and live from this wisdom in the everyday. We have expertise in harnessing that edge of potential.

At Common Awakening, we teach you Embodied Transcendence.™ As trained psychotherapists and Seminary graduates with over 50 years of combined clinical, applied experience, we've developed a step-by-step change process to help you grow beyond limitation and harness the power to expand your awareness and embody expansion in all of life. We use psycho-spiritual methods to open these potentials in you so that you learn how to expand your awareness and embody your psycho-spiritual growth without bypassing the challenges of life. 

Our expanded awareness methods are our magic. We weave solid research and science with cutting-edge practices that support you to—utilize intuitive ways of knowing in your life, receive living guidance from a wiser source, uncover unconscious patterns that get in your way, and re-orient your life toward Embodied Transcendence™.

We've done the hard work. We've practiced our methods and we've developed a process for how to teach them to you.

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Embodied Transcendence™

requires 2 important skills:

1. Expanding Awareness- To access a wiser source, we have to move beyond the limitations of the mind and connect to something larger than our story. We use various methods in our expanded state work to harness channels of energy, guidance, and spiritual messages that support you to make this connection and transcend your circumstances.  

2. Embodying Your Expansion- Our Spiritual States Map is a navigational tool that you learn to use for your psycho-spiritual growth. You learn how to balance out unconscious patterns that keep you stuck and how to live from all 4 Spiritual States to embody transcendence in your day-to-day life.

You will learn how to:

  • Access expanded states of awareness.
  • Develop your own inner guidance system. 
  • Activate pathways for change that transcend typical psychological methods.
  • Navigate through life using our Spiritual States Map as a tool for change that lasts.
  • Learn how to live Embodied Transcendence™ in all of life and learn how to offer this to others through your work.

"...the Common Awakening processes have taught me a way to come home—to myself, to others, to the essence of what is—in a simple yet profound way"- Jill

"I have more of a direct connection to Spirit/God/higher consciousness where I can get answers to my deeper questions for myself" - Cindy Jennings

Common Awakening is about becoming centered, aware and open, and connecting with a wise, knowing place inside.  -D.H. 


What is your Primary Spiritual State Type?

Take our free quiz and discover your Primary Spiritual State. Receive 1 key tip to access your Primary State in your results.

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Create Your Own Soul Growth Moments

Learn how your psycho-spiritual growth can start today by following these tips and reflections.

February 18 - Worried about the World? 🌎

Feb 18, 2024

February 11 - Have you had an Expanded Event? 💫

Feb 11, 2024

February 4 - From Depression to Expansion ✨

Feb 04, 2024


Start Your Soul Growth by Learning More About Your Spiritual State

Take your first steps with a Common Awakening class, training, program, retreat, or event.

Live Programs

Our 10-month Spiritual States Coaching program teaches you how to navigate using our Spiritual States Model to access the unconscious and balance out your life using the 4 Spiritual States. This in-depth program will support you to find permanent and lasting balance that changes your perspective and transforms your life.

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Participate in a weekend or week-long destination Expanded Statework Retreat. We hold an intentional space for accelerated Soul growth in our retreats. We use our signature expanded awareness methods as a way to activate change and create state shifts. Gather in an authentic community to get beyond limitations and supercharge your spiritual growth.

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The Common Awakening Catalog of Courses includes over 40 modules with hundreds of hours of video and audio content that you can complete at your own pace. This is your low-cost step to start to open to your spiritual abilities and support your Soul Growth.

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Learn our custom  SPACES™️ Clearing Process to clear out old debris, tired stories and ego clutter. Our SPACES™️ Seminar will teach you the research, method and process for sustained change. Plus receive our bonus SPACES™️ Mini Course to complete at your own pace!

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What is Your Primary Spiritual State?

Take our free quiz and discover your Primary Spiritual State. Learn 1 key way to access your spiritual gifts in your quiz report.

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